Android 13 will get a built-in QR code scanner in Devices

Everyone needs a QR code scanner for daily use, which is necessary for daily use. A QR code scanner is likely on every smartphone device. To reach it, it is required either to operate a specially downloaded to your smartphone app on your devices or to open the related option in the camera of your smart devices. While this will shortly become extreme, Android devices will keep an in-house scanner for basic uses.

According to Android Policy, the latest Android 13 will provide a QR code scanner upon its removal from devices. It will now be found on the desktop under the immediate access screen bar of the device model or its features.

So, we know that It is not entirely obvious whether the developer of this scanner will boost the Google Lens scanner or release a particular app on devices. The QR scanner will be a common choice for the latest version of the “green robot.” which is famous in this android applications devices.

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