Android 13 will have the ability to open Windows 11

If you are an android user, Work on Android 13 is in complete swing. Google developers are paying particular awareness to the virtualization environment so that android users can install a third-party OS on mobile devices with the feature.

On the pleasant web, Twitter creator Danny Lin has posted a series of interesting videos in which he did not just run Windows 11 ARM on his Pixel 6 while also playing DOOM on this virtual OS. Stated that his smartphone was running Android 13 DP1 on the window devices.

Lin is sure that despite the absence of hardware acceleration help, Windows 11 can readily be run on mobile devices or tablets. Further, Danny has successfully downloaded Linux distributions to his android smartphone.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that there have been victorious tries to launch Windows 10 and 11 ARM on the Snapdragon 845 with Windows devices.

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